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The Binding

WRITER: Gil McDonald

DIRECTOR: Omar Samad

GENRE: Psychological Horror

LOG LINE:  After his wife’s publicized suicide, a Southern Baptist pastor and his teen daughter flee to an isolated farm

where evil forces drive him to madness and violence.

Dead Cam
WRITER: Bill Wyza
GENRE: Slasher
LOG LINE:  A college girl is pursued by a serial killer after witnessing him committing a gruesome murder on a live adult chat website.

Fubar (Kung Fu Vampire)
WRITER: Cager L. Thompson
GENRE: Horror Comedy / Vampire Feature

LOG LINE: When a music video production leaves the set in flames and a PA in the hospital, the producer makes a desperate move and takes the shoot to rural Canada, where the cold isn't the only thing that bites.

Office Zombies
WRITER: Keith Makenas
GENRE: Slasher 

LOG LINE:  An office on lockdown is overtaken by zombies.


WRITER: Patrick Rodio
GENRE: Slasher
LOG LINE: A production of an indie movie that is shooting at a remote location is interrupted as people start dying.

WRITER: Dale Zawada
GENRE: Home Invasion Horror

LOG LINE:  The greatest home invasion film... ever... period... with an exclamation mark! 

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